Stage I. The appearance of a man who wakes up consciousness.

We talked about why Hachiman and Hayato are complete opposites. Let’s observe the process more closely: what happens to a human when he’s encountered by someone better as a person than they are. 

This article contains spoilers from “Code Geass”, “One Punch Man”

Not everyone is like Hayato Hayama!

Let’s note before anything: there are people who will actually genuinely accept that great man as their teacher.

For example Genos from One Punch Man. Seeing Saitama’s master technique, he immediately signs up to be his student even against his own will. Diligently writing down and memorizing everything he says.

Yes, it’s hard to comprehend the mentor’s genius, and Genos isn’t fast enough to accept the true power comes so simple: with patience. Nevertheless, he is a genuine student and in time becomes stronger and better. 

Another example — Lelouch Vi Britannia. While Charles completely doesn’t care about his descendants, Lelouch doesn’t stop nor asks for his permission. He imposes himself as his student throughout his whole life — never-ending hysterical scenes and demands for attention, explanations, edifications. This all inevitably forces Charles’ instinct of a mentor to share his priceless experience. Once again, the student imposes himself even against the will of a master and desperately demands knowledge transferring.

Now that we remember what real students look like, the ones that admitted other man’s superiority and accepted it, let’s examine Hayato Hayama’s actions and see what happens to him in the presence of a great master of life.

Stage 0. Comfortable in a state of a suppressed conscience.

Yes, there’s something I’m doing wrong, but others are no better.

Let’s draw a virtual graph, with the left side as a level of “humanity” and overall human evolution, and the down line will serve for time passing.

Character analysis. Hayato Hayama's downfall. Chart 1.
Graph 0, where Hayato Hayama is at the bottom of evolution, but so does everyone else! Right?

And so, Hayato Hayama is an obvious scam, or, as he says about himself: “not as good as others think of him”.

Hayato Hayama's confession. Hayato Hayama explains his true nature
Yui's confession, My Romantic Comedy SNAFU

But he doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. After all, the whole society looks more or less the same rotten way. 

Therefore, the voice of consciousness is suppressed. “Yes, I may be a bad person, but look around! This is called the “survival of the fittest”, we can and must suppress everyone around further to gain superiority, etc…

Not only the enemies but all the weak, helpless who will be met across the way.  

Stage 1. The appearance of a man who wakes up consciousness.

We all do something wrong, but he lives above that scale and doesn’t even think about ever dropping it.

Hachiman gives a scary warning to Hayato Hayama
Hachiman gives a scary warning, accidentally giving away his level.

And then “My romantic comedy SNAFU” introduces us to a person (Hachiman already was in the class, but just started to take actions in order to give example to his two unexpected girl-students).

His actions are way above and more noble, even though the person himself doesn’t notice that much: it’s a way of living for him, the only way he knows how to live.

The consciousness of Hayato cannot be silenced again anymore. It turns out, not ‘everybody’ in the world acts as low, or simply procrastinating, refusing to evolve and mature.

This is the point, the procreation of a conflict.

Character analysis. Hayato Hayama's downfall. Chart 2.
Graph 1. Not everyone is not nice as Hayato Hayama…

If Hayato was a fair man, or at least someone capable of learning, this moment would become the first stage of his evolvement. In a future article, we’ll uncover these 3 stages of evolvement in more detail:

How to change yourself: quick guide.

Step 1. Negative experience

Step 2. Admitting your wrongs

Step 3. Learning the new way

How Hayato Hayama’s experience was negative? Hayato was the only informal leader of the class before the events of “My romantic comedy SNAFU” anime. However, now more and more offended aggrieved people ‘flow’ towards Hachiman. Even the teachers find out about Hachiman and his abilities to solve group objectives, and also help out its individual members (in this case a group is their school).

Against the quiet background of Hachiman’s actions, the real front of Hayato Hayama becomes visible and obvious. Turns out, he’s “not as good of a person and they think of him”, and actually doesn’t want to help anybody.  

Hayato Hayama's confession. My Romantic Comedy SNAFU Season 2
Hayato Hayama explains his true nature
My Romantic Comedy SNAFU S2

Here is a situation of a sudden negative experience of a fall and an internal feeling of humiliation associated with it. This is a great opportunity to grow up. Hayato could just admit his wrongs (step 2), that he wasn’t a good leader, that Hachiman does literally everything that Hayato was taking off for years. Then he could join Hachiman’s club and learn how to help others (step 3).

But evolution doesn’t happen, instead, another process takes place (nature abhors a vacuum) — an attempt to return to a comfort zone.

To be continued in “Stage 2. Reluctant emulation — for the sake of conscious appeasement.

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