[Code Geass] Suzaku Kururugi – a man of interesting decisions. After committing his best friend’s betrayal, Suzaku seals his destiny to one possible outcome. He becomes a traitor.

Lelouch and Suzaku struggle to understand each other, figure out the source of the difference in their spirits through the events of Code Geass series. However, that proved to be difficult after Suzaku’s mind is set on his best friend’s betrayal for the second time. While that makes the relationship harder to maintain even for Lelouch, Suzaku Kururugi continues on his path of a traitor, sacrificing more and more on the way.

What has led him to make such a decision? A secret of a father killer and how one horrible event in the past affects Suzaku’s life and turns Kururugi against the closest people are explained in this anime analysis.

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Code Geass ‘Innocent Days’ Piano Cover | コードギアス by ArcanaShift Music:
Original Music by Hitomi Kuroishi. Arranged and Performed by ArcanaShift.

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