In the series of Death Note, Light Yagami struggles to find a way out of a rotten and boring world. But it’s not the death note notebook that makes the world corrupt, but the people and society in it.

In this anime analysis Tina Rou uncovers the reason behind Light Yagami’s words: “This world is Rotten” and how Light and Ryuk both came to that conclusion.

In the Death Note episode 1, Light already faces many obstacles of the Rotten World, that he lives in. Many think that the world’s rottenness comes from the high level of crimes and criminal blossoming in Japan, as well as throughout the world. However, both Light and Ryuk notice a different, deeper level of hypocrisy, since there is no crime problem at the World of Shinigami.

This part of the series analysis uncovers that even in his school life, Light Yagami is already a heavy target of the rotten world that he wants to change for the better. The teacher of the English class prefers to compete with Light, rather than give out real knowledge. Yagami faces a fake class with a fake teacher in it and has to make a choice about how to deal with an annoying everyday situation.

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