(spoilers from the 2 season “My youth romantic comedy SNAFU”, “Code Geass”)

Stage 2. Reluctant emulation — for the sake of conscious appeasement.

We all do something wrong, but I started to live anew, repeating after that man.

Character analysis. Hayato Hayama's degrading. chart 3
Graph 3. Hayato Hayama’s fake evolving.

People like Hayato Hayama and Yui Yuigahama launch onto a new, second stage. They start to pretend as if they also evolve but do that nominally.

A serious indicator shows up as they emulate — the old wicked ways weren’t put to an end. Hayato Hayama doesn’t join Hachiman’s club but only starts to visit it more often and help out people as a part of Hachiman’s team, which Hachiman leads. 

Hayato will later admit that he has the voice of consciousness that made him lose his inner peace:

In other words, since Hachiman is an unofficial head of the club, Hayato simply imitates Hachiman’s habits, nothing more. He thinks as of a waste of time to become an official club member. Instead, he continues to be a leader of his group of friends, being afraid of losing them.

Even though it’s not hard to guess that if Hayato joined the club, his friends would’ve followed him there as well. They follow him everywhere: want to be on the same team, in the same college (!), etc. But they wouldn’t follow him in some club? Really? Therefore, Hayato Hayama’s argument here is a self told lie.

Yui Yuigahama’s sweet sugarcoated lies

Also, Yui does the same thing.

She started to attend Hachiman’s club and all, but she doesn’t even try to learn anything about sociology that is constantly being discussed there between Hachiman and Yukino. She doesn’t take the book, asks no questions, doesn’t specify what she didn’t understand. She just… sits there and presses buttons on the phone.

On the other side, even this is just an imitation, as she didn’t leave Hayato Hayama’s team. Any evolved or evolving person would become bored fast enough from talking to a bunch of degenerates from Hayato’s group, boys and girls with perverse minds and detestable character. But for some reason, she liked to be there.  

Yui Yuigahama - following the steps of Hayato Hayama

“If the truth is a cruel mistress then a lie must be a nice girl”


Between a rock and a hard place

And so, the second stage is a moment of enclosing the compromise.

“I’m ready to change my life a little bit, but only to silence/muffle the loud voice of consciousness that became so loud. I’m not ready, however, to give up on my lifestyle — it’s too hard for me.”

To be continued at “Stage 3. The great intercession — the beginning of the long game.

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