“So I finished with CotE today. My feelings are mixed, I don’t have enough information from this season, to conclude anything.


The biggest question is – why is this school any special? It looks like a regular school full of problematic people with high IQ, but also asshole tendencies (within most of them, especially the ones in upper classes). Why would anybody want to compete in such a school? What’s the reward in being at the top? Why there are so few teachers, and why the rules are so unclear? Without understanding these questions, I am not sure I can understand anybody’s motivations.”


Why would anybody want to compete in such school?

Because people who graduate this school will be ruling Japan, the companies SEO, sport team leaders etc, etc.

Why is this school any special? It looks like a regular school full of problematic people with high IQ, but also asshole tendencies (within most of them, especially the ones in upper classes).

Also even if people are smart it doesn’t mean they are immediately kind. Power and money (in this case: lots of points) can spoil even the best people, especially young souls like that. It’s a test to see who will not bend to temptations, yet be able to be a good player.

What’s the reward in being in the top? Why there are so few teachers, and why the rules are so unclear?

I think it’s not even being on top but rather the whole school process that “adults” are watching closely. How different people cope up with each competition. As a result, they will offer opportunities to those who handled themselves well. As Ayano himself said to Horikita: “You don’t know what the penalty will be later on for losing a class member’ (when they had to save Sudo).

Figuring out who they are…

The rules are unclear for the same reason. One goal will be reached differently by different types of people:

Politician (A class leader – Sakayanagi Arisu) will play politics and double-party-democracy system to achieve what she wants.

Merchant (B class leader – Ichinose) will find investors and funding for her projects,.

Gang leader will send spies (C class leader – Ryūen)

And a gray cardinal will do anything to preserve his secret, using girls (Horikita, sometimes even Kushida) to be his front (D class leader Ayanokoji)

That’s why if you write specific instructions on how to beat the game and what to do, improvisation is murdered. And therefore, you have no idea whatsoever what a person is, or how would they improvise.

Classroom of the Elite is a social experiment that repeats over and over (as students leave and arrive). If you’re capable enough – you have yourself a class. But what comes out of it is totally up to you. Whether you build a gang, a secret society, an open one, and a two-partied one, a democracy, a dictatorship (as Sakayanagi did a bit later when it suited her), anarchy, or anything else…

What age do you live in?

Another reason why it’s important is watching the kids. An older generation is already formed and hard to adapt to whatever the new future is coming due.

But when you watch the kids find a solution, they will act in accordance with what kind of life awaits them, regardless of whether they aware of it or not. When the 90s were kids’ futures, people were all playing on the yards with each other. Sports and guns were their best interests. On the other side, they were not much interested in entering a Komsomol party or building there a career. When the 20s were around, people rushed into the games, playing with “non-real” currencies (so that later they can do the same with crypto-money), fighting for cs-go skins and other “things you can’t touch”.

Now the 2010s have ended and kids rushed into the world of anime and Japanese culture like never before etc. Kids always reflect.

Don’t draw a greyhound!

So instead of making a kid draw a greyhound dog, you can give them an empty paper and see what happens. One will draw a picture, another cut an origami, the third one will make an airplane, the forth will shove it into the printer…

And that’s how you’ll know what age you’re living in.

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  1. I was thinking on the subjects of future, and predicting future trends. I love to see you also having your thinking set in that direction – observing and predicting trends. Isn’t that fascinating? Thinking for future and predicting, and imagining possible scenarios that may happen? I find it amazing that you think that way. And also i love that you listen to audiobooks that inspire such thinking.

    Here’s how i think some things may happen or are happening. Cryptocurrencies are just at a beginning level – they have yet to explode and develop into something as powerful as internet was in 1990’s. Animes are also on steady rise in popularity, but they are already very well developed and respected all around the world. But also TV-series industry is also rising. And the competition is good.

    Then i think games, and e-sports will rise and rise in future more and more. Skins in games too, and in-game currency. One of the great things if cryptos will be when they will be properly linked to some in-game currency of some very popular games. (times where players will exchange skins for currency comfortably and very efficiently – is yet coming, in the near future)

    If you analyze it. In the past, people had to work hard manual labors to win their bread. But nowadays, just a single farmer with a huge tractor and a huge combine vehicle, can produce amount of food that 1000 peasants had to produce 100 years ago. That means all these 1000 people, now do not have to work with farming anymore. They can all work in other fields, especially in entertainment fields, like games, streaming games, e-sports, animes, art, movies, etc.

    Did you ever visit ? And how it’s growing steadily over many years?

    More and more people can focus on doing what they enjoy for a living, instead of being forced being farmers, and hard manual workers.

    “When the 20s were around”. What are 20s? You mean 1920s ? Or 2000s, (2000-2010)?
    Time changes, but still some trends are growing.

    “Don’t draw a greyhound!” What does this mean ?

    People still buy cars, even more and more, and cars are being perfected, and models improved over time. Even though cars were invented more than 100 years ago, the trend is still growing. It may transition into flying cars, but it will stay for a long time.

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