It is no secret that most “successful”-looking kids from school find themselves at the society’s dump, or at least at a much lower level than they expected to be. 

(Spoilers: 1st season “My teen romantic comedy gone wrong as expected”, “Back to the Future 1”, “Assassination Classroom”, “Code Geass”)

“Successful” idiots and a smart “loser”

Biff from “Back to the Future” is a great example of that, his happy days pseudo-leader ended the same moment the school graduation party was over.

“Hey, Biff, wipe the car two times this time!”

“Yes, Mr. MacFly, I’ve just finished the second.”

“Now, Biff. Don’t you dare play dumb with me.”

“Huh, sorry, Mr. MacFly, I meant to say, I just started the second round.”

“Back to the Future 1”

Another awesome example is Terasaki from “Assassination Classroom”, who was dominating in class. But soon enough he realized with horror that he’ll end up a subordinate of the “losers” that he was ruling and bullying in the school years. 

“My teen romantic comedy gone wrong as expected” — is an anime that shows us the opposite life of assumed class “loser”, called Hachiman.

Hachiman is well versed in sociology, behaviorism. And life has hit him so… so many times, that he’s accumulated enough experience for all the possible emergency cases. This guy figured out fast enough, that society is corrupted, boring and hypocritical at its nature, and that he has to merge with all its vices, beat the others, not to be beaten up himself. 

However, Hachiman politely declines that offer, and prefers to stay “without friends” and outside of society. But soon after he is joined by other individuals, who weren’t cut off by society well enough either and also happened to maintain some remaining abilities to think.

And “successful kids” didn’t forgive…

Hayama Hayato, an “ideal” guy from the same class becomes an antipode to the protagonist. 

Let’s look more closely at the end of the first season: episode 12, where the girl Sagami who led the festival preparations envies her own assistant Yukino, and therefore, decides to ruin the whole festival. Who saves the situation?

Hachiman does everything: finds the Sagami, invites her to come back, keeps silent about how she mocked her own assistant (despite the fact that Yukino is his friend).

“Ideal guy” also rushes to help — Hayato starts to persuade the girl, and Hachiman doesn’t interfere, still keeping silent about his friend’s feelings.

However the Sagami decides to play a bad guy: “I’m such a horrible person, prove me wrong”. Realizing that time is almost up, and the girl pulls time for everything to be ruined, Hachiman starts to intentionally ruin her, for the sake of her return.

The plan works and the festival is saved, however, Hayama immediately rushes at Hachiman, interrupting him halfway, “protecting” that pseudo-innocent girl.

As a result, Hachiman becomes known for the whole school as a bastard and lout, and Hayama — remains the leader and protector. Not many people know, what kind of heroic act Hachiman has accomplished. Nevertheless, we’ll concentrate more on an “ideal” image of a successful boy from a successful family. A boy whom Hachiman calls “the strong” and envies, whom even sometimes feels inferior to, while “knowing his place” — Hayama.

The “best” of them all…

So, Hayama stood up for the fake “innocent girl”. It’s possible to assume that he doesn’t care about the others (he doesn’t protect Yukino when she’s been mocked!), and it looks like he only protects those, who are in his group of friends. 

However, here’s an interesting fact: that “innocent girl” wasn’t friends with him even once throughout the anime. She’s an ordinary classmate to him, just like the others. Despite that, Sagami isn’t innocent at all, since she volunteered to be a leader (no one opened her mouth forcibly for her), then didn’t even try to do her job. She asked Yukino to be her assistant and successfully dropped on her all the responsibilities. However seeing how hardworking Yukino is, she became envious and started to publicly mock Yukino and undermine her authority. 

And, notice this! Everything above happened right before Hayama’s eyes, who worked at the same office as a volunteer. And even if he missed some scenes there, there’s no way he could’ve missed the rumors. 

Hayama and Hachiman sitting next to each other as volunteers

When the head of the meeting publicly told Yukino: “I feel sorry that we chose her to lead, I’m so sorry”, the rumors couldn’t possibly have remained unspread. When Sagami was late for every single meeting and slacked off “commanding people”, while Yukino and the others worked hard and took the work home, Hachiman pointed that out multiple times. And Hayato couldn’t mishear that, as he did sit right next to Hachiman. He also couldn’t be blind and not see a pile of papers at the assistant place and empty place of a leader…

To sum it up, from Hayato’s point of view, Hachiman shamelessly rushes at the innocent girl and deserves to be cornered to a wall. 

There’s something strange in the views and perception of this “ideal” guy, that we certainly can’t ignore, for our own security. We must see through the real image of Hayama to be able to call a spade a spade, and restrain from naming evil — good, and good — evil.

This is the only way to stop self-deceiving oneself and remain on the good side. 

Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are…

However, for this, we need statistics, not just one case. Let’s look at the second episodes of the first season. Redheaded girl Yui somehow made her way into Hayama’s prestigious party. But bitchy blondie Miura frankly humiliates her in front of the whole class. 

The speech is even more unpleasant and painful than the one Hachiman gave to the fake “innocent girl”. But this one is completely unreasonable. Nobody interferes, but Hachiman, who was immediately shut up by the blondie Miura.

One could assume that Hayama just wasn’t there, but it’s not the case. When Yui friends come and stand up for Yui, Hayama immediately rushes in and saves the blondie (!) from accusations. In other words, he was there all the time, when Yui was offended. By the way, Yui is not just a classmate but a part of his “prestigious party”. However, he didn’t sort the situation out. Didn’t find it necessary to interfere. 

Now let’s look at Hayama’s friends, as they say: “Tell me who’s your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.

Hayato’s friends from left to right:

  • “Rotten to the core” yaoi-obsessed girl
  • Bitchy blondie, who attacks every weak person around her we already know from Yui’s accident.
  • One clown, who doesn’t know anything in life but memes.
  • (not in the picture) — a guy without a personal opinion. 

At the same time in “none-prestigious” Hachiman’s club, every talk escalates fast towards the discussion of philosophy, psychology, and sociology. While Hayama’s friends are only capable of showing off, forcibly “borrowing” others’ consoles, and distorting the names of “none-prestigious” students like Hachiman. 

And so, the “ideal” guy surrounded himself with such awesome friends. But still, Hayama feels the power behind Hachiman and subconsciously revolves close to him, while surprising his “cool” friends (read the II stage from “5 Stages of Hayato Hayama”).

While Hachiman by the inexperience of his age strongly complexes about not being a leader such as Hayato and ignores his own talent as a gray cardinal, in reality, Hayato is, in fact, no leader at all

To observe Hayama in more depth, let’s look at the anime when the main character meets “hayama” much more often: Code Geass. 

Lelouch (left) and Suzaku (right) in comparison.

Local idealist and “perfect Hayama” in this case will be Kururugi Suzaku. Note that the analogy is absolutely the same. Only Lelouch is capable of solving problems, he also becomes “the enemy of the world”, while Suzaku is unable to create anything yet only capable of reading morals, becomes “the savior of the world”. This is no coincidence. 

Same in “My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected”:

  • Hachiman is the one who solves the school’s problems, everyone looks up to him (including Hayama) when it’s necessary to solve complicated problems.
  • And it is Hachiman who becomes the “enemy of the school”, as he’s officially called at the beginning of the second season

Meanwhile, who’s remaining to be the school’s favorite, and “innocent girls” savior? Hayama – incapable of anything, but still…

the subject of adoration of almost every girl in school,
leader of a prestigious party of retards,
hypocritical defender of the most cunning and selfish girls,
despicable cover of all his friends’ sins

Sincerely yours, always ideal and true-hearted to lies,

Hayato Hayama.

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