Angel Beats starts like with an absurd setting, where everyone dies on a minute to minute basis and fights a mighty tyrant, who forces them to go to school and behave [SUCH EVILNESS IS UNFORGIVABLE! >.<]. Little did I know, everything I believed in since the beginning was a lie.


The thing that intrigued me the most is that MC was the one who died in the fight but “spawned” into the world the last. And the fact that you can easily take control over the world and program it however you like. P.A. Works never let you go with just some funny school events. Here too, bursting in tears as every single student was in desperate search from happiness and peace and at the same time, was making a run from it. It’s totally worth the watch and stands on the same high level as Charlotte.

Now, GO DIE! I mean go watch it, because it’s good.

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