(warning contains some spoilers)

The indifference

Ayano is a very indifferent guy, (a quick definition of indifference: lack of interest, concern, or sympathy.) . This may sound rude, or incomplete. But in actuality, being indifferent increases our inner power of feelings, calculating and inner vibrancy. This comes from a life lesson, that i personally experienced. While practicing indifference, many years ago for some months, i felt in fact, that i felt more compassion for everyone, more depth of thoughts, emotions, connection to others, and had a sharper mind. The indifference is only what we show to others, and hide the rest inside of us. This gives us more power, responsibility and control.

While being indifferent Ayano does not display any weakness or vulnerability, he saves energy and time, and thus he has a significant advantage over others in competition. Even when other girls distract him with their flashy poses and needs for help, he manages to remain indifferent, while helping everybody. It’s no wonder that in Japan boys are taught that being indifferent is a sign of strength. Show less to others, keep things inside of you, let others guess, let others wonder, a mystery is always a powerful thing.

Another word for indifference is stoicism. It does not mean having no emotions, it does mean displaying no emotions. While anyway things are happening inside of us, during struggles.

I do not know, what is Ayano’s ultimate plan, and what exactly motivates him. But i do recognize where a big portion of his power come from. Then, is he ultimately a selfish person? But aren’t we all primarily concerned for ourselves ? Ayano’s past is almost a complete mystery. Was he an experiment? Those others that failed beside him, did they die, or they were just eliminated from further advancement?

That the girls revolve too much around Ayano, is a visible flaw in this anime. It would fit much better, to see different girls hanging out more with different boys, other than with Ayano mostly. Or if the girls simply asked for help from other boys, or teachers, instead of Ayano being centered almost entire time. He certainly does not need that much distraction or attention – especially when he clearly does not seek for it.


She may appear indifferent too, but in fact she actively displays emotions of being unsatisfied in others company – which helps her, but also gives her hardships, because she needs allies whether she likes it or not. Not a single person can reach class A alone by themselves. I can say that among CotE girls, Horikita is my favorite one. I can feel sympathy for her struggles, and her nerdy side is sweet. I am rooting for her success more than anything else in the next seasons.


After showing her dual personality, she became a very scary character. A dangerous person, potential yandere, who can cause devastating troubles to herself and others. Who is her other self? Why she can change like that? What triggers her change of personality? These questions remain unanswered for me, and i feel curious to understand her more.


A cool, but violence prone character, that is a serious liability to class D. Nevertheless, he is an interesting and handsome character. It would be nicer if he was more useful for the class. But maybe his being a liability turned out to be a good opportunity for Ayano and Horikita to improve themselves and to learn how to resolve a difficult situation.

The teacher of class D

The lady in black outfit, who smokes cigars and drinks. I think that in almost every scene she appears snobby, talks difficult rhetorical sentences, and is unclear in her intentions. I generally do not like her personality. Something feels wrong about her. She is not humble, she looks too young to be a teacher, and also looks too good for a smoker and a drinker.

The Art

Is wonderful in this anime, colors are absolutely beautiful, and characters are all pretty with colorful eyes. I shall not comment on the girls outfits and features, it’s a mere distraction, but in a way it is beautiful too. Colors are bright, and the art is top quality. Everything is flashy and colorful, even the gray boring corridors in the school looks bright and shiny.

Despite all the competition and rivalry between characters, it looks that there was also dedicated time for fun, pool parties, friends hanging out with friends, in the dorms in the evening, and within cafeterias. And silly spy camera attempts from the side of boys trying to spy on something that they aren’t supposed to see.

Competition and the game

Fighting, working, learning, achieving, or doing anything to prove superiority, to prove excellence is the nature of our universe. It’s an impure nature, and a drama-inducing one. It says that those who are superior to everybody else – will be the survivors. It also inspires the feeling of being the “only one”. And Ayano proves his excellence through indifference, calmness, by calculating situations and decisions. We can see he already was the “only one” from his mysterious past experience.

Since his last thoughts at the end of season one, when he said in himself that he cares for nobody, and that others are just merely tools for his success. My big question and curiosity lies in these questions, will he change? Will there be someone he will deeply care about?

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