WARNING! This article is based on anime, I will not take into account the manga, as I think these things need to be considered separately.

This article may contain minor spoilers.

What does it mean to be a good man? What is the purpose of life? What should you do? Many people have pondered these questions. Including the authors Jujutsu Kaisen, who came up with a vivid and memorable image of an exemplary hard worker.

Today I want to talk about such character as Kento Nanami, the 1st-grade sorcerer, the ex-salaryman and the complete opposite of the protagonist’s main mentor Satoru Gojo.

Nanami on the left, Satoru on the right

He was a completely “normal” average person with quite ordinary desires:

“I’ll just earn a decent amount by the age of 30-40 to live out my years in a country with a low cost of live”.

But there was an ominous silence in his soul. And despite his magical abilities, he tried not to deal with them: as in the case of the girl from the bakery, when he decided not to pay attention to the curse sitting on her neck.

“Nothing will happen if I just leave”.

However, over time, office work ceased to conform to his moral principles. It should be understood that Nanami is the right person in the truest sense of the word. Because he clearly follows his unspoken rules: be extremely frank with the interlocutor, follow the instructions of his superiors, be pedantic and comply with the work schedule.

“I believe in rules and regulations!”

These personal attitudes made him lonely in society, since those around him do not understand such a serious attitude to their work.

“I do not praise or humiliate anyone, I just stick to the facts and rely on them. This is how I work. Once I mistakenly believed that the whole society lives the same way”.

This phrase is also confirmed by one of his memories of working in the office:

“Just be honest with your customers” .

– Nanami instructs a new employee.
“Why are you always so nerdy?” – reproaches his boss, claiming that the profit is more important than the client.

In such conditions, he had to work, he just did what he had to.

“I am a person who does not understand the words” purpose of life” or ” What should to do “.

“4 years since I left school. In my dreams and in reality, I think about only one thing – about money. As long as I have it, curses and other people do not bother me.
Money… money… money…”

The viewer may naturally feel that Nanami doubts office work is right for him. In a dialogue with a girl from a bakery, he draws attention to the inequality of the importance of professions and their profits:

“My job is to take money from the rich and make them even richer. Something like that…”

“Even if I leave, it will not burden anyone, if the bakery disappears, its regulars will be upset”.

I believe this particular girl played a key role in making a strong-willed decision to change job.

“Are you sleeping well?”

With her sincerity and genuine concern for his condition, she ignited in him a desire to protect such people.

Considering his past, he comes to harsh but honest conclusions:

“I studied at Jujutsu Tech, and one thing I learned…

is that jujutsu sorcerers are shit!

Then I worked at your typical company, and one thing I learned…

is that work is shit!

If both are equally shit, I’ll take the one I’m more suited to”.

Returning to the events of the present time, we can understand that Nanami is not only highly moral, but also practically a valuable employee.

1. He is aware of his responsibility for others and does not risk the lives of his subordinates.

2. He tries to put in just as much effort as is required to complete the work on time, no more, no less.

“If enough of moderate effort – and so will come down.”

“It’s already 5:30 pm, I started working at 10 am. So I have to finish by 6:00 pm.”

It’s a bad idea to stand on his way when the overtime starts.

3. The absolute professionalism.

“I prefer to work without personal feelings.”

Intelligently analyzes the situation and realistically assess their capabilities. He possesses a technique that allows him to defeat even superior opponents.

He knows his specialty very well and skillfully evaluates the capabilities of his allies.

” You’re wrong. He’s right in the middle of making this reconciliation.
If it were up to me, I’d say you’re the fool”.

4. The good mentor. It was he who was next to the protagonist at the time of his important personal transformations. Based on his experience, Nanami gave good advice and important life lessons.

“Being a child is not a crime at all”

“Disclosure is a pact that increases the effectiveness of your technique”.

after these words, I understood why villains often reveal their plans, lol
“Accumulating moments of despair make you an adult”.

5. Even in the face of death, he did not flinch and was ready to accept it, recalling the girl from the bakery.

“I have already received enough thanks from others. I do not regret anything”.

Why do I think Kento Nanami is a really good character?

1. Because for all his coolness and unique style, he is alive and has his weaknesses.

2. Because he is a bright and memorable character.

3. Because he is well thought out and well revealed in 3 episodes!

4. Because to some extent I associate him with myself.

There are some highlights with Nanami without spoilers

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