Wow, I wanna say that it’s an amazing Anime movie. Better than I expected. I like the slow pace of old-style, where there aren’t a million things happening in a 5-minute span. Instead, it slowly goes on letting the mind absorb the story, characters, scenes, and music.


To me the story looks like it shows that the true balance is in being good and kind, and sparing life every time it’s possible, but also taking action to do something. That’s why you can see, that Deer God saved Ashitaka, but he drained remnants of life from the Ottoko (the white big Boar God) and from the Mother Wolf. The Deer God recognized who deserves to be saved, and who did not deserved it, based on what they had in their hearts. Those filled with hatred, and vengeance – were left to die (angry Boar Gods and Wolf). Those who wanted to save lives and were valuing life, both human and animal life – were healed (Ashitaka).

And I like that spirit. I like Deer God’s judgment.

I agree with Tina, that in the movie Ashitaka’s tribe was too passive, and let Gods decide too much for them. And on the opposite, the Iron Town humans disobeyed Gods (and Nature) too much and brought lots of destruction to nature. Cut too many trees, polluted rivers, and harming the ecosystem.

Ashitaka and Mononoke

The little romance between San (Mononoke) and Ashitaka is very very cute and sweet, and it’s not pushy. She is too savage, but can still be human and was kind to Ashitaka. It was sweet seeing her feeding Ashitaka mouth to mouth, which means they were basically kissing ^_^ it was sweet seeing them hug few times, and I wish they cuddled together while sleeping.

Ashitaka is a really nice character, honorable, with kind heart, also strong and decisive. Somebody I can idealize and love as the main character. The best character I could wish for in a story like this.


I love the concept of gods, demigods, and I like how the Deer God looked and transformed. I love these concepts (beautifully done). Though the Gods in this movie are a bit too strong and pushy, in reality, I think that Gods are more chilly, and let others do their stuff.


The Wolves are pretty but too violent, savage, like San. But I did not get how she was the daughter of the Mother Wolf, but still in human form?

Lady Eboshi

The iron Mistress is a cool character, a bit too cruel, and she was not motivated by evil intentions. I like her. Despite the striking at Deer Gods’ head, she was a good person helping humans and building civilization, she should though, build agriculture tools from iron, and NOT weapons.



I absolutely love the quote “The Deer God can’t die. He is Life itself.”. That’s wonderful. Beautiful ending.

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  1. “But I did not get how she was the daughter of the Mother Wolf, but still in human form?”
    The Mother Wolf told Ashitaka that two worthless parents ran into the woods and threw a child at her feet. But she didn’t eat the girl but rather raised as her own daughter.

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