Darling in the FranXX

At the beginning of the episode, the main heroes of “Squad 13” have to fight the enemy “Klaxosaur” in many numbers. Meanwhile, the main protagonist – Hiro is in grief. He can’t help but be worried about Zero Two. This time, the 9s (clones of Zero Two) have been ordered by their “papas” to open the “Gran Crevasse”.


The other members of “Squad 13” are trying to open the Gran Crevasse as well. In the middle of the battle, Hiro enters the Fray in a training bot to get to Zero Two to talk. He wants to show that he accepts her for who she is. But in previous episodes, Zero Two learned that Hiro is the boy from her childhood that broke her free to see the outside world, while she’s been using him to become human. And she feels guilty about it.

Gran Crevasse

Ichigo part and leader of “Squad 13” don’t accept Zero Two and won’t let her see Hiro so she slowly becomes sad. When Hiro also rushes to see Zero Two, Ichigo slowly realizes what love is, and all the depths one would go to for the person they love.


This is how Goro, Ichigo’s partner feels about Ichigo. And he already knows where Hiro comes from. So when Hiro is blocked from Claxasaurs, Goro leaves Ichigo for a moment so Hiro can get to Zero Two. When Ichigo gets connected to Hiro she sees everything he did is for Zero Two. So she gets mad at Zero for using Hiro. Thus a mini fight breaks out in which Strelitzia is temporarily disabled from moving.

So Hiro can enter, and he finally sees Zero Two. But she is in a state of sadness after not getting a reply from him since the last piloting.

Hiro enters 02’s mind and sees memories of her not trying to forget what happened with Hiro and Zero Two. He realizes that she had never forgotten but rather sees herself as a monster.

Hiro accepts Zero and brings her back into the real world. With that, he basically tells Zero how he accepts her for who she is. That helps her to accept herself after they kissed. And thus… the Red Strelitzia is born.

Darling in the FranXX anime poster featuring Red Strelitzia

They open the “Gran Crevasse” and the Claxasaur Queen sends a giant hand Claxasaur to smash the inside of the “Gran Crevasse”. It will ruin her future plans if Strelitzia will be destroyed by the cores inside the “Gran Crevasse”.

Therefore she now accepts herself as a monster, in appearance but human on the inside.

Hiro and Zero Two

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