My non-spoiler review on Fairy Tail


I love watching long action-packed animes because it keeps getting better and better as the anime proceeds.


Okay, to begin with, I find the story plot of fairy tail, very unique and original. Unlike Harry Potter and other fantasy-based animes, they don’t use wands for once! Like you just get so sick and tired of wands after a while. Anyways, the plot is excellent because it has comedy, action, fantasy, a tad of romance which is an incredibly good combo. So 10/10 for that.


Second of all the characters are all different and have a wide range of personalities. I would say, even the antagonists of the story are very well portrayed. It’s easy to make you hate the villain but in Fairy Tail, you will come to sympathize or even begin to like (like me) the villains. All of the characters in the story have some kind of tragic past which just piques your interest. So I would say the characters are described much in-depth. (10/10)


Another wonderful thing about Fairy Tail is the character design. They all look stunning because most of the girls are hot (including the villains) but the downside is that the guys look pretty average. However, their outfits are quite nice and it usually changes every season or so (at least for one character). The most spectacular thing about art is the backgrounds. They just look beautiful. (10/10)


The best thing I think which makes Fairy Tail stand out is their OST. Their background music always fits the scene and is very catchy. Every time I listen to their battle theme music, it just makes my blood boil and it just feels so epic and cool. Fairy Tail has one of the best and most unforgettable OSTs out there. Though the downfall is that the opening and ending theme songs are not that great.


Fairy Tail is by far one the best anime I’ve watched. It doesn’t lose to Bleach, Naruto, or KHR who all have heaps of filler eps. FAIRY TAIL DOESN’T HAVE FILLER EPS! So a great anime, with great music and a great plot. My final word: A must watch.


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