The anime and manga are nice, really. For the first 2 episodes of the anime and the first few ten chapters or so in manga. The idea itself was original, and when I first saw it, I really thought that it was cool. But then my good impression on the anime went south when it started showing unnecessary (ecchi) stuff and soulless jokes.

But then there’s still plus points for the original idea, where the characters fight fire with… fire, in a world where people spontaneously combust, and then there’s the classification of powers.


The plot is intriguing enough, yes, but to me, the dialogue is constantly masked as a story-telling/backstory narrative in a manner so pathetic that it seems like a parody, whilst lessening the genuineness of the characters.

I don’t mean that people shouldn’t like this, so no offense. But to me, this isn’t really my own cup of tea probably because of the ecchi parts, I don’t really like it, I dunno why.

In conclusion – 7/10

Ooh, but the ending is my favorite of the season, so definitely plus points for that!


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