Super fantastic fire theme, very interesting characters. Somebody really made a very original and unique way to make fire based fantasy world. All the fire looks cool. Various characters utilize their fire powers in unique ways.

Shinra’s flame feet and Arthur’s excalibur are fantastic examples of that.

They could make so much pizzas and pancakes with all that fire too.

The idea about prayers, before putting the infernals to rest is cool, but also it interferes with the battle, it slows down the work of putting out infernals and fires. Is there any afterlife for these burned infernals, that they would need any of these prayers?

At first, i expected that this anime will be more about hunting for infernals and putting them to rest, but it turned out quite early to be about human groups manipulating things in their favor. A group of mysterious beings led by a character called Evangelist. So it’s a battle against various human groups, for yet unknown purposes, except we know that protagonists are trying hard to save lives.

There’s some nonsense “fan service” that is not ordinary. It would be better if some characters had some actual romantic relationships instead of Tamaki having lecherous charm, pushing herself on other dudes accidentally, whatever that is.

Some battles aren’t very balanced power wise. For example, when they were fighting in the Nether (subway railways) it felt like the protagonists won too easily. I felt disappointed a little about how some battles weren’t done well (this applies to all animes, including top budget Marvel style movies, when larger battles does not feel realistic enough to me). There was a characater named Assault that was supposed to destroy them all, but he got beaten easily by two girls, i just can’t accept this kind of fight as something serious.

I love the rivalry between Arthur and Shinra. And their food competition.

The final episodes of season one, where Shinra was fighting with Sho are absolutely fantastic. I was very pleased to see the fight bing brought to a next level of super speed. I consider this to be very unique and original idea. I am a bit unhappy that Shinra did not use this super speed later to dominate his opponents.

Watching now season two, and i am glad to see it.

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