This is an analysis of the second season episode 11 battle between Ishigami and Ogino for Ootomo’s honor.

Let’s say if the Ogino showed his girlfriend naked photos so easily, it’s not his first time doing that. When doing something bad for the first time, a person trembles and has doubts.

That means that Ogino already shared that stuff with other people. Well, maybe it was some other previous girlfriend he had but that doesn’t change things. The problem is if you act like a jerk at some point there is only one way to snap you out of it. In this scene, Ishigami wasn’t just beating the guy up. He tried to affect him into turning back from his evil path.

You often know a story when someone has a hysteria and a single slap can bring them back to normal. Pain brings back brain abilities. But this guy committed so much evil that it took lots of pain to try and bring him back. However, as you can see, that wasn’t enough and after getting up Ogino immediately got back to lying. That’s why Ishigami as the more evolved person in school has done another interesting thing…

He’s done it subconsciously of course, as in his mind Ishigami suffered and agonized. But he didn’t write and apology nor appeared in school. And that has hung a deadly threat onto Ogino-jerk. That’s where after the beating Ogino realized that he might be killed, his brains didn’t start working, no. He’s beyond the point of return probably. But his gut instinct started to act according to his instinct. And he ran away out of fear for his life.

It’s a default reaction when a person meets someone more strong or intellectual and develops fear. If they don’t learn from that “greater person”, they start to have a fear for their lives. That’s a sign of denial, that a student denied a lesson.

It took Ishigami months to give jerk that lesson and he denied it. However, it solved the situation with that stupid Ootomo girlfriend Ishigami was protecting. So even if he denied the lesson, Ishigami got what he wanted nevertheless.

Interestingly enough, many (Ishigami included) think that Ishigami is the one who lost. Actually everyone thinks that, except for the student council where smart people are located (Chika excluded).

But an actual result of the battle is usually being determined with the one who fled being the loser. And Ishigami wasn’t the one who ran away. Therefore, what Shirogane and Kaguya saw, as they are the true players and fighters in this life, was that Ishigami has won.

And Kaguya even dragged that girl, so that Ishigami could win again. Because despite him winning the school members still did an evil thing by looking down at someone who’s purer and better than them. But they were led by Ootomo.

Therefore Kaguya brings her into the first rows of the tournament so that Ishigami can finally tell her how much of an imbecile she is. That finally gives him an ultimate win against both enemies.

And even though Ootomo has been acting as if she got some awesome win against Ishigami, she was just trying to hide her pain from loss and disappointment in herself. Which was clearly shown when Ishi told her that she’s baka.

anime overall rating: 8,5 out of 10, great psychological coverage in certain episodes


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