This whole anime is basically about a teenager’s typical and cliche high school.


We have the main character, that one famous/popular girl everyone loves. Somehow a tsundere-like girl and the non-existence of parents sound pretty comical and peaceful, I wanna be in it.


At the beginning of the story, the show gives us a glimpse about the intellectual and analytical skills of the main character as every single student in the school are only allowed to spend around 100k yen, which is purely and entirely based off the points which they have given/received from the start.

The whole concept of this anime is basically when students try to rank up and outrank people from their classes by doing different sorts of tests and points.


Despite the story and concept of the anime is similar to other animes, I still love it. The story will legitimately make you think critically as if you are in the story because of the behavior that each of the characters shows, there’s that suspense and intense moments, where you go like: “Uh oh, what he is gonna do? He can potentially do this or that, but if he does this, then that would cause this, etc.”

The story progression is very generic, the character development brings out a whole different perspective to the anime because of the consistent and enthusiastic support that it brings to each of the characters in the anime.

The animation, story and style are superb. It kinda sucks because it already ended, I feel like they could’ve added more characters in the story, it could potentially increase the hype and critiques of it.

Classroom of the Elite: Second Season and overall thoughts

They did say that season 2 will come out around 2020 so I hope that’s true. Overall, all the characters are fantastic in their own ways, it was indeed super fun to watch. My only problem is that they have introduced too many characters that weren’t properly introduced. Overall, it was lit.

With one word to spare.


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