Blue exorcist is an interesting anime, that makes you really question the morals of each side. Is the “dark side” evil? Without a doubt! But are those saints purer and less satanic than the devil himself?

Hmmm… And this is when you really start to question things. Especially with a 2nd season. Power abuse, cruelty, personal interests and desires, egoism, whorishness, career obsession, envy – all these can be freely found within the “saint walls” of those who fight against the devil. Because fighting the devil is easier than your own weaknesses and sins.

Second season

And if we gonna talk about intolerance, then there’s a long novel that can be written on that subject as well.

The second season shows clearly that so-called Rin’s “friends” are not his friends at all. All their feelings and kindness were ready to expand to him only when he was a human. They all turn away from him, leaving him in the hands of a sadistic shameless woman and a hypocritical brother to torture his mind and body.

Of course, as any villains need justification, both of them call all those discouragements and punishments Rin’s “education”.


At the end of the season, all that’s left is a bitter disgust and strong decision that Rin should “go check how his father is doing”.

The order gave him nothing genuine, but sufferings and discrimination. Rin tried his best to be a useful toy in their hands. And it would be best to keep away from all those fake friends, fake teachers, family members with fake love.

I’m not encouraging Rin to fight on another side because in my perception he’s too much of a pure soul to do that. But a happy life is not something he’ll ever be able to get within those prison walls. Among all the hypocrites in the show, he’s the only one I truly rally for and to whom I genuinely wish happiness.

10 tears out of 10


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