Future Diary anime Mirai Nikki

Let’s talk about the Yuno’s. Let’s admit it, 2nd world Yukiteru Amano (or Yuki for short) wasn’t the brightest or boldest in the survival game and would’ve died if not for Yuno.

Mirai Nikki first world pictures

But what was the 1st world Yuki like?

It is stated that every world has the same people, but they are different from their other world selves. I imagine that the 1st world Yuki was more fearless. Why?

Because Yuno was ready to protect the 2nd Yuki, probably because she knew the two were different. Also, as I mentioned in the last article, in the first world Yuno and Yuki made it to the end together.

However, there’s no evidence of Yuno helping Yuki in the first world or not. So I’m willing to bet that the 1st Yuki wasn’t such a coward.

Personality stays

Second thought. They were practically the same Yuki. They probably were not in personality. This is evident when Yuki praises Yuno for saving him from the seventh. She’s shocked, which hints to us that the other Yuki probably never praised her.

Because he could take care of himself. Also, Yuki in the first world was probably more of an introvert. It’s shown to us when Yuno goes all psycho on anyone who is close to Yuki, indicating that she is used to having Yuki all to herself. Such as when she kidnaps him, kills any possible love rival, etc.

Lastly, does the 1st world Yuno truly loved the 2nd world Yuki?

Going from what I believe and what vibe anime gives off on this topic, I’d personally say: No.

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