(Warning: spoilers ahead)

Let’s start with some criticism. How these beautiful and smart characters, can have so much free time in their special room, instead of being in classrooms with other students? They are being the best of the best, yet we do not see them spending enough time aggressively learning. How can Kaguya be one of the best in martial arts, when we do not even see her training any karate or some other martial art? We only see a scene of her training archery, once.

The focus of the anime is on the mind game battles of romance, and not at all on realistic school studying and students.

Even with all these unrealities, i love this romantic comedy. Kaguya is a very sweet and innocent girl i can admire as a male viewer. Her personality is excellent. Her face blushing is lovely to view. She has the personality i wish Horikita from Clasroom of the Eilte had. But maybe, author of this anime was slightly inspired by CotE.

I think of Chika, as a partybreaker, and a partymaker at the same time. I wish Ishigami was more lucky, and more appreciated for being who he is. He deserves to be treated better.

This style of observing the person we have a crush on, and calculating our actions accordingly, is a common thing happening to everyone of us. At least i can remember doing similar things in my school time, and while going to church, while seeing other girls i considered to be pretty at that time. And being curious if they find me to be interesting or attractive to them. The soft and easy things we do, in order to determine whether our crush is interested into us. But in reality, there’s a difference. When both sides realize that the other one is interested into them, they admit it to each other, even if non-verbally. In this anime there is that unrealistic element of pride, but that’s probably what makes it more interesting.

When we realize that our crush is paying any attention to us, or is doing something that proves to us that they like us – we are rewarded with pleasant feelings, inspiration, and love.

Shirogane’s humility is also something i admire. He rides on a bicycle, works a part time job, yet he is the best student in the school, and is being secretly loved for his intelligence and for his character, by the richest girl in Japan. He is not rich, and she loves him despite that, and i find that very admirable.

Maybe i felt a bit disappointed that they did not end up hugging and at least kissing once. But that will just encourage me to continue watching season two. 🙂 I wonder what would happen if one of them admitted their love to the other? Probably nothing would change.

2 thoughts on “Love is War: Some thoughts on this Romantic Anime

  1. “I wonder what would happen if one of them admitted their love to the other?” –
    I often keep imagining the two love-doves struggling over how to give birth to the 9th child without another noticing their feelings XD

    Eventually they’ll have to say 仕方ないですね “there is no helping it” and get into dating, then marriage using some fake excuses or approach this more openly when they feel like they can do it. But that would mean the end of the manga that’s based on “no confessing!” principle.

  2. Wow, so even at 9th child, you think they will still struggle about it? 😀 I am sure that at that point they will know what they both feel, but pretend they don’t know.
    But think about it, all 9 of their kids will be geniuses like them. Modern families have only 1-2 children. In the past it used to be 5+ until 14 or so. People who are rich and geniuses, should really have more than 1-2 children. One reason is that these children will have a good comfortable life without much suffering, and second, they will inherit DNA that will make them quite capable people.

    Once they are dating, maybe they don’t need to confess. It becomes obvious then. Maybe there’s an accidental win-win situation, without confession. I hope some sort of dating will happen in season 2, even if it will be small events. 🙂

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