(warning: lots of spoilers)


This anime is filled with kawaii characters (kawaii means cute). So many sweet characters, it vibes my strings in the right way, i really enjoyed seeing them interacting. And the other ones who are not so kawaii are interesting much, and unique. It’s very easy to distinguish who is who, because each one is unique, and their Western style names make them easy to remember. Except for the twin girls Rem and Ram who are too similar at the start, and it took me long time to understand differences between them (and their hair color). Their differences started to make sense, somewhere when Rem showed her demon horn and powers.

So many characters that i can idealize and glorify, Roswaal and Reinhard are two of them amazing ones, that i can admire, even though they do not have much time appearing and interacting with others. Roswaal is mysterious, with a potential for some serious trouble to happen around him in the future. Reinhard is very inspiring knight that i loved from the first time i saw him.

When Julius first had a duel of shame with Subaru, i felt like Julius is a prideful Knight without some decent manners. But i expected they will settle it in the future somehow, and become friends, and i was NOT disappointed. They did become friends, or at least cooperatives, in a very nice way. This kind of relationship of hatred towards friendship is what i expected to see in the anime Bizzare Adventures of JoJo, between Dio & JoJo, and when i did not see it happening i felt a huge disappointment, so huge that i lost all my will to continue watching JoJo anime, and i stopped somewhere at episode five.

Then there are the cuties, Emilia, Felt, Rem, Ram (a bit cold), Felis, Puck (little adorable cat), Betty (bratty rori), Mimi, Hetaro, Tivey (battle nekos), Crusch, etc. Too many. I like Furry characters and this anime delivers them. Emilia has absolutely sweet personality, and she looks amazing. I could write more about all of them, but it would be a lot more text.

Ground dragons instead of horses is amazing twist to make this world feel more different and special. The diversity of people is also quite nice, with neko style people, and all kind of furries in the town and the market place, walking and interacting around.


He is Heroic, persistent, he only gave up after trying everything and it did not work, but at that time he was supported by Rem, and he was inspired to try again! He is a character i can idealize. I can watch his ideals and feel inspired, i can watch his actions and decisions and say “That’s right boy! Go on and save them! ”. He can be described as a simp (simp is a guy who loses respect for himself for a girl who does not deserve his attention), but he is far more than that, really. He has a special connection with Emilia, and all his efforts to save her (and to save others) are worthy of admiration! He undertakes intense actions and unknown risks all the time, for the right goals. He cares for everyone, not just for Emilia.

For a boy who lacks superpowers, and does not have 200+ IQ, he is damn heroic in my views. I liked to see him accepting the butler job in the mansion, and learning new skills. Then taking time to investigate things while being suspected as dangerous person from Ram and Rem. Being punished repeatedly for not knowing enough, and for making small mistakes.


The first episodes of the anime are amazing, a beautiful start. With a tavern, a thief, a huge barman, then main characters, and a villain. I love the dialogues and events between them, and how after each death Subaru takes a slightly different path, and everything also slightly changes. He tries, until he makes it. The moment when Subaru runs after Emilia, screaming her name (Satella) from their previous world, is very emotional and powerful. Realizing she does not remember him at all. Later we see amazing mansion, and intriguing events happening around there. This mansion is something i wish i could visit and be part of.

Some of my friends i talked before, know that i am invested into “Theory of Reset Time” which is a theory about our entire planet Earth being set up to be able to be reset in time (and our OverLords watching us from above), while the rest of our universe goes forward without stopping. It’s an incredible theory i believe in, and this anime is showing a version of that, just in a different way where a single boy (Subaru) remembers what will happen in the future if nothing changes, and everybody else forgets it. He does not lose his memories. Where in reality we do lose memories of future, when the world is destroyed in one way or another.

This theory is so impressive, because we are part of it, but we only know it on a subconscious level. Seeing it in a story, or in this anime is a fascination! There are some other movies with similar plot like this, but not as good like this Re:Zero.

Another amazing aspect in this anime is that the different factions feel like real, and well defined. The candidates and their representatives (protectors, knights). And it’s shown through cooperation at the battle against the white Whale (and at final battle later). We don’t get to see much of the Felt & Reinhard faction (why Reinhard even choose Felt for a candidate?), and Priscilla & her Knight’s faction. Since these two factions did not participate in the later battles.

There’s one potential plothole in my view, and that’s it when in the first episodes, we see that in this world people are poor, and the world is unprotected generally. It feels like there’s injustice and lack of knights to protect citizens from criminals. But then a bit later, we see a huge luxurious mansion owned by only a few characters, and even further later we actually see glorious knights actually existing, and powerful characters with various abilities. How then in such a special world, ordinary people and villagers seem to suffer or have less than enough food and shelter?


I am rooting all the way for Subaru and Emilia to be together, and succeed. At all times i wanted them to be together, and talk, and interact, and discover or investigate things together, although the story separates them for some time later. This anime has a beautiful romantic touch which i really enjoyed. It becomes more complicated later with Rem.

I like the development of Rem, later starting to see Subaru, a hero who saves her, and somebody she want to protect now, and be around him, just as Subaru who was saved by Emilia (Satella) and she is his hero now, who he want to protect, and be around her (Emilia) all the time! I was worrying, will Rem end up stealing Subaru’s heart? Or that was just a sweet addition. I would accept it either way, but i was expecting Subaru to stay loyal to Emilia primarily, as it happened.

In the next season i can only hope that there will be more romance, especially between other characters that have yet to show more about themselves. And the other candidates for becoming queens, that are all supposed to have a spouse.

I wish also, that Subaru was enabled to talk about his ability to die, and go back in time and change events. Even if bit by bit. It feels a bit incomplete, when he is not able to tell anybody about it. I imagine, the story would feel even greater if he was confessing that at a slow rate to Emilia and others, them understanding it bit by bit, seeing some parts of the greater picture, but not all, just to make everything feel more complete.

Hyped for season two, for sure. 🙂

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