I’m actually very excited to write my review for this one so here we go. I have already watched both seasons of OPM and I gotta say the story is very well written. People say that the animation in season 2 is a bit off as OPM (One Punch Man) has a different animator but I couldn’t care less as long as the story stays lit.


So, for season 1 we are introduced to Saitama with that badass entrance by saving the kid. The show already gives us a glimpse of how ridiculously strong Saitama is. For someone like him who is basically too OP, people would think facing different foes would be boring for him since he is legit too strong.

The only problem is, he wasn’t aware that there is an organization that already exists where heroes can do their heroic actions and get paid at the same time so this whole time Saitama’s actions were for nothing. And then we are introduced to Genos, a badass cyborg who then later became Saitama’s disciple.

The way the show has introduced not only the villains but the other super-powered and badass heroes are absolutely phenomenal. OPM is one of my favorite animes out there, I have read the manga as the anime itself was progressing too slow. Does the whole story basically revolve around what if the world is overrun by all these ridiculous monsters? Well, that’s no problemo senpai. There’s a hero organization that deals with those pesky ugly monsters.


My favorite character development in the story was Genos’. Genos was introduced as this one Cyborg dude who cares nothing but revenge and redemption. Throughout the story, as he becomes Saitama’s student, he has severely developed mentally, emotionally, and physically, all thanks to Saitama-Kun.

The other heroes that Saitama has met or who has seen what Saitama is capable off had also some great character development such as Silver Fang.


Overall, the animation, characters, story, powers, and everything, are well written and absolutely awesome.


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