Blue exorcist is an interesting shounen anime, that got people’s attention with its simple, generic, but still eye-catching plot and animation:


For the story, it starts off really great, first 3 episodes are so full of the plot where Rin and his brother Yukio are the sons of Satan but are raised by a priest. Growing up, Yukio knew the truth about his past while Rin stayed in the dark the whole time. But when he found out, the whole story started off with a great plot device.

But then, after the first few episodes, it just turned into a school-setting kind of anime and the plot slows down, no actual direction at all.

The character’s animation is great, the action scenes are well done. But the characters themselves make you really question whether or not the good guys are really the good ones or is it because the bad guys are so good at manipulating people (and the fact that they are demons) makes them bad.

Rin as the main character, son of Satan, eventually got his secret uncovered and all his friends, classmates, shunned him because of it. Even though he did his best and even saved his classmates’ life, never doing anything wrong, he still became the bad guy because he is Satan’s son and the higher-ups aren’t happy that he isn’t following orders. He just keeps on getting treated as a disposable and he just accepts it due to the shock of being shunned hurting him so badly.


Needless to say, the anime is still pretty good even though it has some plot holes. The animation complements the various action scenes well, the music is really nice, and the character’s personalities aren’t actually that generic, like how Rin can still be calm and collected in front of his brother who is really good at making people mad.

Overall I give this anime an 8/10

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