This world is full of colors. Each of us experiences different feelings and emotions. Each of us experiences different feelings and emotions. But can you imagine, you forgot how to feel or just never knew how?

Violet Evergarden is just about that.

This story is about a girl who, from an early age, was used as “the weapon” in the war. Her meaning of life was only in orders, which she implicitly executed. I can say, that she only knew how to kill. She had no family, not even a name. And her eyes perfectly reflected the spiritual emptiness.

It is important to note that the eyes here are of particular importance. They are literally a “mirror of the soul.” They are like a lake or even the sea, now unperturbed, like calm, then raging and raining, like a storm. However, the fate for the main character didn’t remain linear. She gained a beautiful name in honor of flowers. She found a person, who was taking care of her, dear to herself… And soon there was a turning point that radically changed the life of the girl.

The war is over, now there is no need to kill. Violet got a new job, that has nothing to do with war and orders, but old habits cannot be easily changed.

However, she decides to master the profession of “Auto Memories Doll” in order to understand the meaning of the words “I love you”. At first, she could not understand people (ignorance of feelings and emotions made itself felt). Violet didn’t even know, how to smile, so she had to do it manually.

The name of the profession itself is very symbolic. In addition, Violet was very similar to a doll with its prostheses, unconditionalness, and lack of emotions.

And yet, she learns to understand feelings, as a child learns to walk. Yes, there are falls, but the first confident steps are striking to the core.

It is worth remembering that emotions are not only positive. So, when you learn to experience pleasant emotions, you also begin to feel the sad side of this skill.

She begins to realize the severity of her actions as “the weapon” and notices her “burns” left by the flame of the soul.

This flower has to overcome the trials of fate in order to bloom and show the world its pure, natural beauty.

Almost every episode will persistently provoke you to tears with your kindness, purity and sincerity. For me, the episode about “50 Letters” seemed especially valuable and memorable.

I will be happy to review this masterpiece in the future.

10/10 (taking into account animation, music and character disclosure quality)

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