If you have not watched/read “The Rising of the Shield Hero” please proceed with caution!

Naofumi (Shield Hero)

Naofumi is a very complicated character. He may seem like a very basic one at first but let’s look into details!

At the start, Naofumi was a college student, according to the manga and anime adaptation he would play MMOs and read novels, but it gets more complicated as “Isekai” enters his life.

He becomes the Shield Hero and that makes problems for him at the start, especially due to the fact that he was the “The Shield Hero”.

The Fact is in The Light Novel it actually went into detail why this was a problem since King Melromarc was discriminative against because the Shield Hero from the past, one who caused problems for the royale family.

Naofumi went on not knowing that the princess Malty S Melromarc (later known as “Bitch”), had an obvious objective to frame the Shield Hero, rob him of all the money, and make everyone hate him.
The King made this the princess’s mission (Later the Queen used a Slave crest to uncover this in all details and prove it to be true). The King says in the Light Novel:

“Do whatever is necessary to make this happen”.

Aultcray Melromarc XXXII – the King.

Princess Malty falsely accused the Shield Hero of assaulting her. The unfairness of her actions made the Shield Hero mad and started his change from “just a college student” into something else… That rage inside him made available the Curse series of his abilities for the Shield.

Naofumi’s emotional state at this point of the series hasn’t reached the limit yet as seen later, at the battle of Naofumi vs the Spear Hero (Princess’s boyfriend). During this battle, he had the upper hand against the Spear Hero but the Princess used wind magic to make the Spear Hero win. This also made Raphtalia free (she was later slaved by Naofumi with Raphtalia’s consent). Naofumi’s rage at this point consumed him while accidentally activating the flame of the Curse Shield.

Naofumi’s emotional state had peaked making him lose himself. Raphtalia saw this and brought him back. This is where Naofumi actually started to begin feeling emotions and being able to see the purpose of life again since there was somebody who actually cared about him.

Written By Asako
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