This series was one of the most unique ones that most have been anticipating since the start of the year, and when it arrived in the lackluster Summer season, aside from the certainty that does not disappoint, it is entertaining to the mildest degree, while having a lot of pokes at the function of the most important system: us human beings.

Now, I don’t care that whether you have studied subjects that are close to this, but I’m fairly certain that no matter our background as people who have learned about cells in one way or another, Hataraku Saibou, or Cells at Work!, will definitely please your senses that you are learning about yourself, and the cells that work hard to be able to sustain you in the long run and grow stronger. With that said, everyone, be it otaku or non-otaku, have at least witnessed this anime, and it really broke the conventional walls that this is something that speaks to everyone, as it did magnificently.


The story is as clear-cut as it gets: Everything that you see within a microscope, are your daily drivers, the cells at work where every function is as important as the other. Now, I get it, it’s a series that’s worth the educational take, but thankfully it’s not like a heavy plot pointer of info-dumped force-wrecker, and at least just demonstrates just about right and doesn’t force it on us, which is a good thing. And as usual, the Black Clover aesthetics come back with the usual body-explaining capped-repeat to make sure that you understand what is going with your own body and then address the episodic issue at hand. Honestly though? This is about as entertaining as it gets for anime to get very personal with its viewers, and it succeeds well in that regard.

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