Tokyo Ghoul anime

Choice is an integral part of life. However, sometimes life takes away our choices. There is no choice in that world to be born human or ghoul. Ghoul becomes an outcast in the human world from birth. The very existence of a ghoul is a crime.

Also, Ken Kaneki fell into the trap of fate. Life deprived him of choice and he became a half-ghoul against his will. And then different paths opened to him. He could be on the side of the people, he could be on the side of the ghouls, but Ken couldn’t make a choice. He was no longer a man, but he could not become a ghoul either. The reluctance to choose made him a nobody.

Kaneki was weak and pitiful, he was inferior to everyone, both ghouls and people.

However, the choice will not leave you until you choose. And each time, the decision not to choose was more and more expensive until the price of the choice was equal to his life.

Yamori (Jason) demonstrated the importance of choice through his torture, he forced Kaneki to abandon humanity, he forced him to make a choice.
Kaneki understands, a choice sometimes is a sacrifice, sometimes you have to sacrifice something in order not to lose everything. He concludes “Choices cannot be wrong when the world is wrong.”

Here we notice a change in Ken’s appearance: his hair changes color for the first time. Moreover, each change in the color of his hair is directly related to a fateful choice.
From my point of view, the color of his hair reflects his humanity. Black is his original human color, gray is the color of the ghoul, the color of the one who rejected humanity for the sake of strength.

In total, the protagonist changed his hair color 4 times: when he rejected humanity to defeat Yamori

When he surrendered to humans, went over to the side of ghoul hunters and lost his memory

When he accepted himself again in the struggle for people

And when he returned to the ghouls

And with every choice, the power came to him. Doesn’t this mean power is in a choice?

In the last episode, Kaneki says:

“If I knew everything would turn out like this, I would still have met Rize that day. It was necessary for me. And I will not call our world wrong, it is what it is. Even if one day everything will go to dust, I will fight anyway”.

– Ken Kaneki

These were the words of someone who could accept himself, who could accept the world, who learned to choose.

I don’t regret I have watched all 4 seasons, I am satisfied because it was my choice


Tokyo Ghoul is a special masterpiece for me, but the choice to watch/not to watch, to like/to dislike always remains with you


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