WARNING: This article contains heavy spoilers. Read at your own risk.

It happens that fate is not favorable to you. It happens that everything you have turns to dust. After all, having something, you can lose it.

What would you do when everything was taken away from you, when you lost the meaning of life?
I think some of you would choose revenge.

The protagonist made the same choice. He chose revenge as the goal of his existence.

Meet Angelo Lagusa

When he was a young child, his family was killed in front of him. 7 years pass until he receives a mysterious letter from a friend of his father, claiming to be offering revenge for his family’s death. Angelo returns to his hometown to seek revenge against those who wronged him.

Since then, his personality has undergone many transformations…

 However, taking the path of revenge is not so easy. A person with his soul and heart gravitates towards mercy, so one of the conditions for revenge is the loss of humanity.

This transformation is mentioned in the opening text:

Having wandered in, I begin to fade… ceasing to be myself.

Original: 迷い込んだ僕は僕で消えて暮れていく (Mayoikonda boku wa boku de kietekureteiku)
Full text: https://animesonglyrics.com/91-days/signal

Let’s call transformations signals, since signals are followed by losses and troubles.

The First Signal ” The Candle”

Angelo doesn’t hesitate to put out the candle with his bare fingers, although he’s never done it before.

Episode 1. 02:14

Also without hesitation, Angelo agrees to the first murder. Vanno’s life is dying out like an extinguished candle.

Episode 2. 21:55

Second “Special wave” Signal

This signal is associated with the separation of friends.
They do their special wave to each other and Corteo rides away in the first episode.

Episode 1. 03:27

Their last meeting is the final step towards abandoning humanity and taking revenge.

“With a shaky voice, Angelo again asks why he came back, so Corteo smiles and says “Angelo, because we’re” and then trails off, smiling and then does his special wave. Angelo shoots him and then sadly begins to smile. He finished his words, saying “because we’re brothers, right?” With his face quivering, he promises to “see him soon.””

Episode 10. 22:10

Angelo becomes like those who killed his father.
This is also mentioned in the opening text:

I’m experiencing every moment of my past,

Trying to become the person who created these sins.

Original: 過去を生み出している
罪が作った僕に変わるために (kako wo umidashiteiru
tsumi ga tsukutta boku ni kawaru tame ni)
Full text: https://animesonglyrics.com/91-days/signal

Third Signal “The Sea”

This moment is a vision of Angelo, which heralds his imminent death.
In one of the frames, we see traces that are gradually washed away by the wave, symbolizing his revenge, traces which were gradually washed away over time.

Episode 12. 11:16

Angelo says in this episode:
“There was nothing left” and “It was all for nothing”

So does revenge pay off?
Is Angelo really alive?
Read the sequel!

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