It is time for my review! At this time it is more complicated than I thought … I have very conflicting thoughts about evaluating this anime.


It’s a high-quality movie, which both the drawing and the plot are pleasing. The idea is wonderful! Watching a world, where everyone is special in something, is a special pleasure. It allows you to switch from daily life to a completely different level of emotions.


It’s important to note that each ability has its own vulnerabilities and its price. Therefore, the characters can’t dispose of them right and left freely without thinking about the consequences. There comes to mind the famous phrase:

“With great power comes great responsibility”.

And yet …

What does a real Hero mean?

This philosophical question will be raised almost every episode of 3 seasons already released, indicating both positive and negative aspects of heroism.

And not surprisingly, almost every student of the academy has its own internal problems, one deeper than another. And the protagonist is a generally walking problem consisting of 50% sobbing, 30% injuring himself, and 20% “I will die, but I do that”.


High-quality humor definitely won’t let you get bored!


Also here we meet such simple truths as “There’s safety in numbers”, “United we stand, divided we fall”, “Think about the consequences”, etc. Too much attention is paid to this, as it seems to me.

But the most annoying is: with such a bright start to the story, over time it comes down to the monotonous conveyor “to be continued”. The plot develops very long and goes into the template: the class goes to an event where villains unexpectedly appear wich have to fight. Victory, resume, and again.


7 “MobPsycho100” out of 10 ‘OnePunchMan”


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