[Note of warning: this article is about a very particular situation that happened to Angelo Lagusa in a fictional story of “91 days”. The following article should not be considered or associated with real life in any way and is based on “91 Days” anime’s universe and lore only.]

“For thus spoke justice unto me: “Men are not equal.”

Friedrich Nietzsche : Thus Spoke Zarathustra / The Tarantulas

To understand that life is fair, we first need to comprehend the fairness of life. 

Born into different circumstances, each man still gets what he deserves. Regardless of gender, nationality, religion, or anything else. Meaning that life is actually equal for everyone. It teaches us all the same way, it punishes us the same way, and there’s nothing different or biased about its ways. 

Sadly, society avoids being equal, constantly leaning towards discrimination against one or another person. But life is. So everyone may count with confidence to achieve a result that is a perfect fit for their own actions. When understanding that part, no reader should have desires for social equality any longer as it’s already achieved. Because the whole idea behind that — was to get everyone the same circumstances and the same opportunities to grow, expand, prevail. 

But life gives you that regardless of who you are: if you deserve it that is. Meaning that life is fair. 

When people believe that life isn’t fair, they’re not paying attention to the fact that some unfairness of life is also fair in a bigger scale of perception. And every man is equally insignificant yet important before life. Every man by life is also equally rewarded. 

“For thus spoke justice unto me: “Men are not equal.”

Friedrich Nietzsche : Thus Spoke Zarathustra / The Tarantulas

And so the justice spoke to Zarathustra: men are not equal. 

Some still await to get a result they are worth, and some have already received it. Life is never short legged when it comes to deliveries though. It always rewards every single action immediately, but also later. A sense of guilt, or pride, or happiness, or relief and an inside change comes accordingly right away, while the visible reward takes its time and always requires patience. Regardless of that fact, it still does come. 

Should someone be pitied?

It is also the reason why pity is meaningless. You can feel bad for a man that lives in an unfair world. 

But can you pity the one who got the punishment exactly according to his actions? And would you pity the one who’s in trouble that he’s not worthy of, meaning that the time will come and life will give him reward for his patience, making up for the loan it took? 

There’s no need in any cases. 

Seeing people with “hard life”, I came to the conclusion that those people take some kind of pleasure talking about their sufferings, and there’s nonetheless pride in their choice. The formula is long-proved before: the less self-sufficient a man is, the less he is satisfied with himself, the more pride he will have and the pride will come exactly from the foolish choice of ignorance… 

As prideful as those people are, who made foolish choices so life became “hard” for them and almost unbearable, leave those people alone with that pride. Life provides freedom of choice and we cannot enforce education on anyone, as it goes against the freedoms provided by life. Including the freedom of choice. 

It’s only one of the self-serving excuses to claim that in some way, life can be unfair to someone. It is also a straight-forward lie, to oneself and the others. 

But if we admit the fact that life is fair, looking at the others becomes difficult for a moment. 

Whoever risen high was rewarded by life with that position. If he/she doesn’t suit the position, life will take that man down, but if that’s not the case? Meaning that’s the place that person deserves. When it’s strongly believed that you must sell your soul to the devil and become the filthiest person possible to have any success in this world, it is also a myth that’s being crashed by our statement without a chance for survival. Life is fair.

When life is unfair: the bigger picture

But how so many people were right, claiming that life’s not fair? Life is unfair to those who are unfair. 

Life is cruel — is another famous statement. However, life is cruel to those in the end, who chose cruelty. 

What happens when life is unfair to the just people and harsh to those who didn’t act cruelly to others? Everything is balanced. Everyone gets an appropriate reward, compensation, for their patience. 

Angelo as a child: a tragedy unravels

While the world today, as we know it, may be rotten, it causes that unfairness to happen. However, life immediately picks up on the situation, giving compensation within people who’ve been hurt, that they aren’t even aware of sometimes. Not until they meet the others and see the differences, how, and when they’ve been gifted. Ironed, blessed with knowledge, some skilled with patience, abandoned pride that always lets a man down — whatever the reward it, it’s almost immediate, and a balance is restored. But only in half. 

The other half is yet to come to both the man who caused the unfairness and the one who suffered from it. 

There’s no need to interfere or join the path of vengeance. Revenge is chosen by those, who don’t acknowledge this simplest fact: life is fair. If they would, another understanding would also dawn on them — that the punishment of life is much crueler than anything they can come up with, as their idea of a fair punishment is not even close to the price that they would pay up to the life and its balanced approach. No one can go against it. 

That’s why when a person interferes with a vengeance – they usually ease the offender’s suffering. Life won’t give an appropriate requital in full amount as it supposed to. Now someone else also is doing the punishment, and that’s when life is not doing much anymore, leaving it for a human to finish. Nevertheless, it’s wise to leave your “unfinished business” to the ways of life when and if possible, and wait for people to pay the full price.

Embarking on a bloody path has its price that life, which is fair, will also take from revenger without asking. 

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